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I wish i was an oscer meyer jewish man [entries|friends|calendar]
Gabe Chez

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[13 Jun 2004|12:19am]

hola! its me !   katie =) (none of you know me) hacking onto gabes journal   and i'm attempting to fix gabes lj and shit. but i'm having some problems. so sorry gabe!!! =( i'll fix it tomorrow but i have to call it a night right now. cause its late in jersey. (ps lemme know if you want any other background than this)



Behind The Sofa

sleep [29 May 2004|11:59pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

its gabe chez the jew hey guys and welcome...

5 |Behind The Sofa

[29 May 2004|08:39pm]
Hey this is gabe chez Cam made me an lj
Behind The Sofa

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